A  Lesotho 3 Day Extreme Enduro Adventure …

Seven Summitz in May 2015 exposed a group of biking pioneers to the most incredible adventure from Afriski to Malealea and there is much excitement brewing for the 2016 event.

The 2016 event will be a team of 2 event and will see this 3 day adventure starting from Mohale Dam  and doing 2 overnights at  Khotsong Lodge and Malealea Lodge before returning for the 4th night  back to Mohale . The circular route means you don’t need a support driver and Red Cherry will transport all in their Isuzu 5 tonne Truck. 

The Riders Entry Fee will be R13 000 for a team of 2.

One of the major attractions with both Seven Summitz and Sea to Ski ( www.seatoski.co.za ) is the experience that the support drivers have and Red Cherry works hard at integrating them into the adventure. If you want this  option to bring your own driver along then a cost of R3500 would apply. See below for details.

Red Cherry Adventures over the last 14 years has staged enormous charity events from Enduro Africa, PE PLETT, Sea to Ski, Ride 4 Change, ICE ( Inner City Enduro) and after organizing the 2011 Roof Of Africa we saw the need for a similar type event in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho.

Riders are not looking for a race but the opportunity to challenge themselves and be exposed to the finest extreme enduro riding in the world.

In a Nutshell:

It is NOT A RACE but a challenge and there is no podium and no prizes for position in which you finish: The concept is to embrace the beauty, take pics and be exposed to the most beautiful terrain a dirt biker could wish for.

  • - It is a  team event and riders need to be within 2 minutes of each other at all times… …
  • - Due to the adverse conditions Riders and Drivers will be accommodated in Lodges en route and no tents will be used. Depending on space you may be on a mattress on the floor but will be under cover .. guaranteed!

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